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PayPal Express: A Better Social Media Login

17. June 2020 Technology

To ensure that visitors get their ticket easily, the Ticket Shop must be as accommodating as possible. The Payment Solution 2.0 introduces PayPal Express, a payment method with two advantages:For ticket buyers, the new option shortens the ordering process; for organizers, PayPal Express significantly improves data quality and increases the conversion rate.

For buyers, the process is extremely convenient: On the first page of the Ticket Shop, they just select the “PayPal” button, log in to PayPal and confirm the payment method to authenticate themselves.

On the next page, they find that the Ticket Shop has already filled in the relevant fields with their personal data. The buyers only have to answer a few questions about themselves before proceeding to the order – one more click and they have booked their ticket.

For customers, the main difference to a regular social media login via Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or Xing is that they do not have to log in a second time at the payment step.

For organizers, the key advantage is that the data supplied by PayPal is current and complete. On regular social networks, members often only leave their name and e-mail address. PayPal, on the other hand, requires complete – and up-to-date – address data.

In addition to PayPal Express, the Payment Module 2.0 includes the payment methods Sofortüberweisung (instant bank transfer), Klarna and an enhanced integration of Apple Pay. The ADITUS Payment Module 2.0 is ready to be booked as an option for the Ticket Shop.

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