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Corporate Event

Internal and external corporate events inspire with innovative input, an exciting programme, and strong speakers. Our on-site service ensures that guests and speakers are well looked after and our software supports the organisation of the event. We create great moments, connect participants, and let them talk about the event! Corporate events increase the bond with customers and partners as well as stakeholders and employees. All important data is available for the subsequent evaluation. So the next event starts well analysed and prepared!

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1. Digital Process Optimisation

Registration for the event is possible anywhere and at any time online. Registration takes place via the visitor portal, which is received and managed in the organiser portal. Here, event organisers have everything under control! They launch email campaigns, send updates or reminder emails, and monitor the number of participants so that individual programme items are not overbooked. The automated evaluations provide insights and support the planning of future events.

2. Top Service for Guests

Via our integrated interfaces, customer data can be imported into our systems in a GDPR-compliant manner. This means that they only have to make a few or no entries when registering in the visitor portal. First-class service through minimisation of effort! How about an individual offer for booked hotel contingents? Participants can view these during registration. They will thankfully rely on the recommendations and choose from the possible options.

3. Increase Reach

Innovative topics and popular speakers attract staff and guests. Word gets around – not only within the company. Because well-known speakers have reach in social networks and are linked to the event at first glance through the ADITUS Social Cards. This way, the brand, company, and event get the attention they deserve! Our speaker management is available in the organiser portal for good speaker support. This way, the speakers keep the event in good memory and share the success with their own followers.

4. Retain Employees in the Long Term

In-house events promote team building, corporate culture, and further education. To ensure that your own employees are already on fire for the next event, post-event feedback is priceless: with our integrated feedback and survey options, it’s easy! This promotes employee satisfaction and long-term loyalty.