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Security is the foundation of our solutions. Thanks to redundant storage, your data is reliably available and securely protected. Our systems run stably even at high workloads, so that even large events are a sure success. They were developed by our two agile software teams – in-house and exclusively for events.

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1. Where Is My Data Stored and Processed?

ADITUS’ own server systems are located in Nuremberg/Germany. They are located in the “Nuremberg South” data centre of the IT service provider “noris network AG” and are used to provide services and solutions for our customers. Our backups are located in Hanover. This means that all data is backed up several times. In the future, we will also use cloud services in Western Europe.

2. How Is the Continuous Availability of Systems and Services Ensured?

The entire infrastructure and system environment in the “Nuremberg South” data centre is designed to reliably prevent malfunctions and failures of one or more components. For this purpose, the entire infrastructure of the data centre is designed with multiple redundancies – including network connection, power supply, air conditioning and fire protection. The effectiveness of the measures taken has been proven by numerous audits and certifications by the operator “noris network AG”.

3. Are Sufficient Resources Available for Large-Scale Events and Parallel Events?

We have managed events with more than half a million participants. Our systems are sufficiently dimensioned and scalable. In addition, all systems are continuously monitored by our monitoring system. With our own sensors and extensions, the monitoring works right down to the application level of the ADITUS systems and detects even creeping system errors at an early stage. Our remote support keeps an eye on everything and is available to you during the entire event.

4. Can I Rely on Secure Protection So That My Data Does Not Fall into the Hands of Unauthorised Persons?

Data security is a top priority at ADITUS and securing the associated guidelines and measures is a matter for the boss. Whether GDPR or PDPL: we are data protection compliant worldwide, with our management and our information security officer taking responsibility. Changes to guidelines or security-relevant configurations may only be made after an approval process. In addition, each of our clients has a separate database. The relevant data and services are separated between the clients.