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Virtual & Hybrid Event

Virtual and hybrid events offer visitors new ways of access – more barrier-free and location-independent. Due to the lower costs of digital events, a larger target group can also be addressed. Our flexible products support the planning of virtual and hybrid events and open up unimagined possibilities.

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1. The Perfect Match

Through our interfaces, virtual events and desired platforms merge seamlessly into our systems. A great experience for visitors, exhibitors, and employees – as if from a single source. We take care of the technical implementation and bring everything together. This creates trust and a high level of user-friendliness.

2. Ticket Mix for Every Budget

The perfect ticket for everyone! Whether cheap or free tickets for virtual events or combination tickets for hybrid events. The right ticket mix gives even more people the chance to get excited about the event. The range of virtual and hybrid events makes worldwide participation uncomplicated.

3. Everything in View

The query of visitor data during registration serves as the basis for a target group-oriented and successful event. Meanwhile, clear live dashboards provide optimal insights into the current event. The data records flow into the reporting and are then fully available to make the next event even more successful.

4. Together for More Reach

The integration of LinkedIn Community Builder 2.0 into our visitor portal enables direct access for visitors via the event function of LinkedIn. Visitors connect with each other and talk about the event with their own networks. In this way, completely new groups of people are reached. Through a call-to-action, the new people become followers of the event, the company page or the speakers with just one click. Everyone benefits and supports each other!