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Quality has its price? Yes, that’s true! But we adapt the scope individually to your event. In addition, you will generate new revenue with our products. Through visitor growth, a higher reach and our digital marketing measures, you will generate new turnover. Convince yourself!

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1. How Much Do ADITUS Solutions Cost?

We tailor each offer individually to our customers. You only get what you want and what your event needs. Together with you, we coordinate our solutions according to your goals and your budget. From self-service to full-service: let’s find out together what you need for your event.

2. How Do I Increase My Reach and Ticket Sales?

Make your event a quality event! Because people who are satisfied talk about it and come back. Push the number of visitors through organic event marketing: Do you already know our ADITUS Social Cards? With just a few clicks, your speakers, visitors and exhibitors can draw attention to their participation in the event via social media during registration and support your event. This way you can reach new communities and grow your reach.

3. How Can I Increase Turnover?

Use the access to digital business models to generate more revenue: Offer your exhibitors branding packages via the exhibitor portal and generate additional revenue. Exhibitors can brand the visitor portal or the digital advertising space during the admission control of their self-invited customers. For this purpose, they can create a design via an intuitive user interface that then perfectly matches the CI of the event. A proven marketing tool that is profitable for both organisers and exhibitors.

4. Why Aditus Instead of a Cheaper Alternative?

Your event needs a high-quality appearance and a reliable partner with sound industry knowledge: Our products and solutions are coordinated and interlock perfectly. We seamlessly integrate your existing systems via interfaces and facilitate access to everything through our identity provider. Invest to profit! You need more reasons why ADITUS is the right choice for you? Here you will find our unbeatable 7 Reasons Why.