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Corporates organise events to inform their customers and strengthen their loyalty. Everything should be convenient: easy registration is just as important as good on-site support. The main thing is that the customers gain added value from the event and the company and branding are remembered positively. Together we increase customer loyalty and reach!

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1. Individual and Personal

Simple processes inspire customers! Customer data is imported into the organiser portal via interfaces in compliance with data protection regulations: This saves the inconvenience of entering personal data during registration. At the same time, organisers individualise their automated e-mails and address their customers in a targeted manner. For the ultimate service, reserved hotel contingents can be offered and queries can be part of the registration. Customers will love it!

2. Important Information Visible

When importing the customer data, all the information is entered that the customers will later wear on their badges. From the company affiliation, position, or role at the event to the customer number. Organisers can adapt the badge design to their event. Other data that does not fit on the badge can be stored in QUICODE.

3. Keep an Eye on Important Customers

For selected customers, it is important to know whether they have already entered the event. Push notifications can be set up here. As soon as the customer has scanned the ticket at the admission control, the notification is sent. In this way, event organisers have a live overview and can check the status at any time. The guarantee for good on-site support!

4. Good Speakers, Good Marketing

Through innovations and exciting inputs, the event achieves a high reach. This is how you attract customers and stay in the conversation! Keynotes by well-known speakers make the company, brand, and event even better known. By using the ADITUS Social Cards, the speakers are linked to the event at first glance and also influence the event with their own community.