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A badge combines business card, ticket and access authorisation. It brings visitors and exhibitors together and facilitates networking. With fast badge printing on demand, we combine great flexibility with record-breaking speed at the entrance. We offer different materials for badges and lanyards. This allows organisers to meet their own sustainability and reusability requirements.

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Badge Printing

Badge Printing

Organisers decide on the basic design of their badges. The badges are delivered with this design and inserted into the SBT or SBG. The badge printers installed there print the data of the visitors on demand onto the badge as soon as they scan the QUICODE of their ticket when entering the grounds. This results in maximum flexibility and minimum costs. The badge can be removed immediately and the event can be entered. No smudging, no smearing thanks to thermal printing technology!

This is digitalised entry with automated badge printing as a one-stop solution in under 3 seconds – unique worldwide.

Badge Printing
Produkte-Vor Ort-Badges - Badgepapier
Badge Paper

Badge Paper

Rip proof badge

For events with a longer runtime, we recommend badge paper with a foil backing. This provides greater tear resistance and stability and requires fewer reprints. Even though the plastic and paper are both recyclable, it is difficult to separate the materials.

PaperOnly badge

Here, the foil backing is dispensed with, which makes recycling much easier. For events of a few days, where an average durability is sufficient, this badge paper is a good choice. This variant is also attractive in terms of price!

Cradle-to-Cradle badge

Those who pay attention to complete sustainability choose this variant: a badge made of completely recycled paper that can be recycled again without any problems.

The badge paper is placed in the large compartments of the SBTs and SBGs before the event and is ready when it matters. A low level is indicated in good time so that the badge paper can be refilled quickly and easily.

Sustainable Lanyards

Sustainable Lanyards

ADITUS has rethought lanyards: our lanyards are made of a single material because we do not use plastic or metal fastening hooks. The lanyard is inserted directly through the badge and securely fastened by a notch in the strap. This saves material and makes it resource-friendly. Our lanyards are made of rPET. The material that has already been recycled can be recycled again. This promotes the circular economy. Customised lanyard design can motivate visitors to reuse and encourage them to think. #reduce #reuse #recycle #onematerial #sustainability

Produkte-Vor Ort-Badges - Nachhaltige Lanyards