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Registration Manager

Maximum flexibility for your visitors, minimum effort for you and your team! You decide on ticket types and actions and provide modern payment options quickly and easily. Keep an overview and be informed live thanks to clear dashboards. This is how you make the event even more successful together with your exhibitors.

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Flexible Registration

Keeping an Overview

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1. How Flexible Are My Visitors and I When It Comes to Ticketing?

Offer your visitors a choice of different ticket types and payment options in the visitor portal or for on-site purchases. Whether early bird or last minute: make registration easier for all participants through social login and benefit from our event marketing measures, such as the ADITUS Social Cards. With our digital and analogue solutions, you can put your ideas into practice. And you can already find out what your visitors want when they register: configure your questionnaire and find out more about their interests and communication channels.

2. How Do I Get a Good Overview of Tickets, Sales and Promotion Periods?

You will find everything you need for ticketing in the organiser portal! Start email and voucher campaigns: The automated sending of individual invitation and reminder emails facilitates your event preparation. Use discount and voucher codes to create incentives to buy. Decide for yourself on the campaign periods and type of codes. You provide your exhibitors with ticket quotas that they can manage independently via the exhibitor portal.

3. I Would like to Save Capacity: Can I Bring My Exhibitors on Board?

Hand over responsibility and save resources! With the exhibitor portal, you integrate your exhibitors. They get allocated ticket quotas and thus coordinate their own visitors and staff. They issue their exhibitor passes and create voucher campaigns for their customers. Branding packages are available for exhibitors to remind them of the fair.

4. How Can I Evaluate My Event and Get Information about the Visitors?

Use the clear real-time dashboards and reporting of the organiser portal. You get real-time insights into ticket sales and registrations and can check which people have already entered your event. You can find everything at a glance: Registration behaviour, visitor data, movement profiles, benchmarking. You can also view the demographic data and interests of your visitors here. But it’s not just you who benefits from these functions: Your exhibitors also have access to monitoring and reporting of their own visitors and employees via the exhibitor portal.