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From comprehensive full-service registration to practical on-site registration: Our solutions enable the reliable management of visitor flows and professional, controlled admission to your event – quickly and easily. Rely on our offline-capable systems with which nothing can go wrong. You save on staff costs through intuitive admission controls, but still offer a great service and have a full overview at all times.

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1. Time Is Money: How Can I Avoid Waiting Time at the Entrance?

The first impression counts! And all participants get that impression before they even enter the exhibition grounds. With our systems, not only ticket purchase and registration run smoothly, but also admission guarantees a flexible and optimised flow of visitors. Thanks to our digital admission controls with automated badge printing on demand, your participants can be at your event in less than three seconds with just one stop. No waiting time, thanks to intuitive and fast systems – unique worldwide!

2. How Can I Have a Digital Overview of My Event?

Our live monitoring is available to you all around your event: In the organiser portal you will find clear dashboards with which you can view all the data of your event at any time. Take a look at ticket sales and registration behaviour before the event. During your event, you can see which visitors or speakers have already entered the event area and be informed about the arrival of certain people via push notifications. And after the event, you have access to detailed reports, benchmarking and FKM reports.

3. What Technical Services, Securities and Services Does ADITUS Offer?

Our strengths lie not only in first-class software and hardware, but also in exclusive service. During events, we provide on-site support and remote support, hire or train admission staff, offer troubleshooting and monitoring. Our patented QUICODE offers even more security. Even if your network goes offline, the admission can continue unhindered. All data is securely encrypted and will be synchronised later. Your choice: Self- or full-service!

4. How Can I Save on Staff Costs at the Entrance?

Our Self-Badging Gates do not require any personnel. They are intuitive to use and get your visitors onto the site quickly: scan the ticket, remove the badge and pass through the turnstile. Directly to the event with just one stop. If you don’t want to do without admission staff altogether, you can supplement your admission with On-Site Cash Registers and clearing-capable Mobile Supervisors and provide the best service with few staff. This staff can also take a look at the tickets and the ticket history and take over clearing tasks.