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Produkte-Vor Ort-Einlasskontrolle - Einleitung

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Admission Control

Our admission controls maximise the comfort for organisers and visitors. Easy handling as well as high data security and reliability make the start of the event perfect. Stationary and mobile admission controls allow large numbers of visitors to enter the event site in a minimum of waiting time. And thanks to online and offline capability, visitors enjoy complete flexibility: the on-demand systems from ADITUS make it possible!

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Self-Badging Terminal - Without Turnstile

Self-Badging Terminal - Without Turnstile

The Self-Badging Terminal (SBT) is the fast admission control for events: set it up, switch it on, and you’re done! The SBT is stable without ground anchoring and thus offers complete flexibility in the choice of location. It works both with a power connection and in battery mode. Network connection is possible via LAN and WLAN. But admission also works smoothly in offline mode. Scan the ticket, take the badge, enjoy the event!

  • elegant design
  • quick to set up without floor anchoring
  • Mobile use thanks to wireless operation

Speedy and a badge printer are built into the base of the SBT.

Self-Badging Terminal
Self-Badging Gate
Self-Badging Gate - With Turnstile

Self-Badging Gate - With Turnstile

The Self-Badging Gate (SBG) – just like the SBT – scans tickets, prints badges and is online and offline capable. The upgrade: The admission control of the SBG has a turnstile through which all persons are automatically and separately allowed onto the event site. Thanks to the digital, intuitive user interface, visitors can be at the event in less than 3 seconds. Scan the ticket, print the badge, pass through the turnstile! This is the fast one-stop solution from ADITUS.

  • controlled individual access
  • intuitive operation
  • no staff required

Speedy and a badge printer are built into the base of the SBG.

Mobile Supervisor - Wireless Handheld Scanner

Mobile Supervisor - Wireless Handheld Scanner

The Mobile Supervisor is the wireless handheld scanner from ADITUS. As elegant as a smartphone, as robust as an outdoor device. With a powerful scanner and strong battery, it masters the trade show day quickly and reliably. Flexible and ready for use anywhere, the Mobile Supervisor is based on Android 13 and has WLAN, 5G and BT 5.2. With a SIM card or eSIM, you can get started straight away! Thanks to its large memory, it can work reliably in offline mode even in places without reception. The service staff can use the Mobile Supervisor for entry, exit, and clearing.

  • mobile operation
  • suitable for clearing
  • lower purchase price
Produkte-Vor Ort-Einlasskontrolle - Mobile Supervisor