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Content in the Spotlight – With the LinkedIn Community Builder

7. June 2023 Community Building

Events and trade shows facilitate the most effective presentation of the latest trends and technologies across all industries and thus have the potential to be the ultimate content supplier for social media.

Leverage Organic Reach through Industry Influencers

Enhance the exposure of your events, products, and services by leveraging the influence of others: Engage content creators relevant to your content and motivate exhibitors to share their own content. Establish advertising partnerships with influencers and empower them to promote your event and products.

Supported in the ADITUS Registration Platform: LinkedIn Community Builder

From August, we will support you with exclusive access to the LinkedIn Community Builder. This exclusive integration into the ADITUS ticket shop enables direct contact with visitors to your event via the LinkedIn event function. The Community Builder gives you the opportunity to build your own community or audience on LinkedIn or to expand the existing one. Utilizing the Community Builder, engages visitors in generating an increased buzz around your event. Enabling visitors to connect and interact with one another before and after the event, as well as with their own networks. This fosters ongoing discussions about your event, ultimately expanding your brand’s reach.

How Does It Work?

Let’s embark on a thought experiment: Imagine 30,000 event attendees who register and utilize LinkedIn as their platform of choice (which is highly likely!). Assuming an average network size of 300 followers per person on LinkedIn, the LinkedIn Community Builder has the potential to reach a staggering 9 million individuals! But that’s not all. By implementing a compelling call-to-action, these LinkedIn users can become followers of your company page, your speakers, or other selected groups, thereby creating a network that can actively engage with your content.

By strategically leveraging content and collaborating with content creators, you can organically amplify the significance and boost the visibility of your brand.

Do you have questions regarding community building via LinkedIn or incorporating content creators for more reach? ADITUS is here to serve as your partner!

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