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ADITUS And Info Salons Middle East Join Forces

By 31. January 2024February 6th, 2024General

In a strategic move set to enhance the exhibition industry, ADITUS announces a partnership with Info Salons Middle East. This collaboration is aimed at fostering growth and innovation in the exhibition sector across the EMEA region, focusing on markets in Germany, the rest of Europe, and the MENA region. 

Exclusive Representation in the MENA Region

Under this new alliance, Info Salons Middle East will be the exclusive representative of ADITUS in the MENA region, delivering their advanced software and hardware solutions to these vibrant markets. This collaboration signifies a robust integration of expertise and resources, destined to uplift exhibition experiences in these key areas. The timing of this partnership aligns with a surge in growth within the exhibition industry, making it both a strategic and timely initiative. 

Marc Luzoff, CEO of ADITUS, commented on the partnership’s potential, stating, “Our collaboration with Info Salons is a pivotal chapter in ADITUS’s 25 years history. This partnership not only extends our reach into new markets but also enriches our capabilities to innovate and excel in our home markets of Germany and the rest of Europe.” 

Enrico Gallorini, President of Info Salons, added, “Working together with ADITUS, we aim to create a new standard for exhibition services in the EMEA region. This collaboration is a reflection of our commitment to excellence and our dedication to the evolving needs of the exhibition industry.”

Sebastian Grein (COO ADITUS), Marc Luzoff (CEO ADITUS), Enrico Gallorini (President Info Salons) and Wilbert Hejmans (Partner and Chair Info Salons)

Transformative Commitment to Excellence

This partnership marks a transformative moment for ADITUS and Info Salons Middle East highlighting their commitment to enhancing service quality and expanding their presence in the exhibition sector. It promises a new era of collaborative innovation and market expansion, beneficial for clients and the industry as a whole.

About Info Salons Middle East

Info Salons Middle East, a GRS subsidiary, is at the forefront of providing innovative technology solutions for the exhibition and event industry in the MENA region since 2008, committed to enhancing event experiences for organisers and attendees alike. 


ADITUS, based in Germany, is a leading provider of ticketing and admission solutions. With a focus on the exhibition sector, ADITUS offers a range of services designed to streamline event organisation and enhance visitor experiences. 

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