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Branding Packages – Event Marketing for Exhibitors and Organisers

12. June 2024 Technology

Exhibitors increase customer loyalty, reach, and perception with branding packages. Organisers benefit from improved exhibitor satisfaction and rising revenue. This comprehensive effect makes branding packages essential. But how does this event marketing tool work and how is it used effectively?

Attract New Customers and Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Nowadays, businesses usually know exactly who they would like to have as new customers thanks to customer data platforms. An invitation to a trade show is a welcome way to address them directly and personally. Companies invite them to events and trade shows where they participate as exhibitors. To make themselves memorable to invited customers and prospects, exhibitors can book branding packages. They can use them to start their brand marketing many months before the event and push it right up to the event. They guide visitors to their booth and extend an invitation to network. This is also a compelling method of strengthening existing business relationships and customer loyalty.

Increase Revenue and Visitor Numbers

Branding packages are advantageous to organisers as well because, by offering them to their exhibitors, they boost revenue and the success of the trade show. As exhibitors manage their booked branding packages via the Exhibitor Service Center (ESC) in self-service, organisers do not incur any additional work. By purchasing branding packages, exhibitors increase their commitment to the entire invitation process for the event. This is because exhibitors who feel their brand is well represented, generally make much more active use of the opportunity to invite their customers via vouchers. This higher level of activity has two advantages: a stronger perception of the event and a higher number of visitors.

Branding Options

Events may be elevated to new heights with branding packages, and ADITUS offers suitable branding options – from ticket purchase to event admission. Exhibitors can brand various products and applications that their customers encounter during the event’s user journey. Exhibitors can customise the branding to their corporate design and add logos, graphics and banners. The hall and booth number can also be added so that invited customers can find their way to the exhibitor.

Visitor Portal: Upon clicking on the invitation link or entering the voucher code in the visitor portal, visitors are redirected to an exhibitor-specific landing page.

Tickets: Ticket branding is an efficient way of reminding visitors which company they have received an invitation or voucher code from.

Admission Terminals: Our Self-Badging Terminal (SBT) or Self-Badging Gate (SBG) welcomes guests through a branded admittance screen. How about integrating the graphic as a welcome screen after the scan or as a GO screen after printing the badge?

Badges: All visitors receive their badge with their details printed on it upon entry. They wear the badge visibly on their body during the entire event. If it is branded, the branding is visible to other participants throughout their visit to the trade show. There is also a visual reminder both at the start of the trade show and when scanning for lead tracking purposes.

Long-Term Success for Brand and Event

Branding packages are a powerful tool in event marketing, offering a wide range of benefits for both exhibitors and organisers. They enable sustainable customer loyalty and customer acquisition and increase revenue. With customised branding options – from the invitation to the trade show visit – companies can anchor their brand in the minds of visitors. Branding packages are an essential investment for long-term success.

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