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Why the Switch to Google Analytics 4 Is Important Now

7. June 2023 Technology

Starting from July 1st, a new era of tracking tools has begun with the introduction of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), rendering Universal Analytics obsolete.. This transition is complex and necessitates careful planning and adjustment. Numerous companies have already taken proactive measures and migrated to GA4 ahead of time. Have you already completed the transition, or is it still pending for your organization?

Many Advantages…

One major advantage is the enhanced cross-device tracking feature, which is a significant improvement in GA4. By integrating app and web analytics, GA4 allows for a comprehensive understanding of user behaviour across various devices. This integration brings several benefits, such as a heightened emphasis on specific events and a user-centric design approach. The new user interface provides more extensive analysis options, leading to improved visualisation of data collection. Additionally, Google relies on machine learning for the ongoing development of data collection. Furthermore, GA4 makes privacy-compliant tracking easier by enabling tracking without the need for cookies.

… and a Few Challenges

The transition process requires both time and resources. Companies are required to update their tracking implementations, which entails investing resources. Additionally, employees need to familiarise themselves with new processes and undergo training. The new user interface demands thorough training due to its differences from the previous version, and the focus has shifted from an event focus during a session, with GA4 now placing more importance on user-centric events.

Make the switch now!

By switching to GA4:

⚠️ You can ensure that activity on your website continues to be monitored.

⚠️ User behavior will still be analyzed.

⚠️ Your Analytics-based dashboard functions will remain operational.

Switching in a timely manner also guarantees that your previous settings will be automatically migrated.

Don’t Waste Any Time!

Embark on your GA4 tracking journey with thorough preparation. We are already providing assistance to our customers during the registration process and within the ADITUS ticket shop. Support for GA4 has been made available to all customers free of charge since the end of March. Contact us!

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