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Smart Traffic Analysis – Anonymous and without Cookies

Tools for analysing user behaviour on your website are essential. The goal is to understand user behaviour while protecting privacy. Google Analytics 4 is the market leader among web analytics services, but alternatives are becoming increasingly popular.

GDPR-Compliant & Innovative

In the constant evolution of digitalisation, it is crucial to develop innovative solutions. These should not only meet current technological requirements but also ensure privacy protection and compliance with legal regulations. After the switch to Google Analytics 4 in July 2023, this is undisputedly in first place. However, other tools can be used in addition or as an alternative. Pioneering alternatives are data protection compliant and make the use of cookies superfluous. At the same time, they enable in-depth analysis of user behaviour and website optimisation.

Understandable & Efficient

The advantage of many alternative analysis tools is that they are delivered ready to use: No complicated set-up or customisation is required. Some of them come with ready-made dashboards for an optimum overview, while others impress with in-depth analysis options and ready-made reports. This saves time during evaluation, which in turn can be used to optimise the process.

Analysis Power for Our Customers

Analysing their ticket sales is particularly relevant for our customers because cancellations in the purchasing process need to be identified to improve the process. Our solution: ADITUS Web Analytics. With this new feature, our customers can analyse their Visitor Portal v5 traffic and user behaviour – completely anonymously, GDPR-compliant and without cookies. Get started right away with already set up dashboards and reports! Funnels can be created to precisely track the user’s journey from visiting the homepage to completing the purchase. Based on these analyses, targeted optimisations can be made. Bottlenecks and problems in the purchasing process can be eliminated. In this way, we are setting new standards in the web analytics of our Visitor Portal v5 and focussing on data protection, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. ADITUS Web Analytics is already set up and can be used in addition to or as an alternative to Google Analytics 4.

ADITUS Web Analytics

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