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New Trend in Visitor Registrations

9. January 2023 Industry Trends

Many of our customers agreed: Since the pandemic, there is a trend of “last-minute registrations”. But is this an actual trend towards more spontaneity and less commitment? ADITUS takes a closer look!

In an anonymized evaluation, we looked at the pre-registration figures of a representative number of B2B trade shows in 2022. Contrary to the assumption of many customers, pre-registration figures increased by 6.9 percentage points compared to the annual average of 2019 – from 67.4% to 74.3%.

The establishment of contactless, digital processing is contributing to this development. Visitors are opting for these more and more frequently, but at the expense of on-site sales. These have more than halved on average compared to 2019. If this trend continues, on-site cash registers will be redundant in a few years.

Digital Ticket Shop vs. On-Site Cash Registers

In the digital ticket shop, visitors can purchase and register for tickets conveniently and from anywhere. Various payment systems including social login make it easy for them to register. In addition, your visitors can support the marketing for the event and even take it into their own hands: After registration, they have the opportunity to use the ADITUS Social Card. So they can communicate via their preferred social media platform that they are attending the event.

Do your visitors want to buy their ticket on-site and analog on the day of the event instead? No problem! In addition to ticket purchases, our ticket cash registers also allow for chargeback and cancellation functions as well as other management options. The range of functions can be extended according to your wishes. Make an appointment with us to get to know the numerous possibilities. We will work with you to create custom-fit solutions for your event.

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