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Digital Events: A Complement, but not an Alternative

In the current atmosphere of uncertainty, an increasing number of organizers are considering whether virtualizing their event can be a solution. The answer is a clear “maybe”: How well a trade fair can be virtualized primarily depends on the willingness of its audience to take the plunge into digitization.

In addition, various new conditions have to be considered: A lot of pre- and post-registration support is needed to ensure that interested parties do not only register, but also participate actively in the digital event. To prevent a digital event from turning into a plain one-sided experience, organizers need to offer virtual visitors functioning possibilities for interaction. Finally, the whole thing should remain affordable …

Adopt A Two-Pronged Strategy For Extended Reach

Virtual event vendors find the current lockdown to be an excellent opportunity to offer their services to a new audience. Experienced organizers willl quickly realize that only certain parts of a real trade fair experience can be virtualized. This starts with cancellations: at digital events a no-show rate of 50% is commonplace.

In addition, a virtualized trade fair quickly loses the premium character of the real thing. It is impossible to reproduce some of the essential advantages of real events: Neither the direct contact, nor the personal encounter, nor the atmosphere of a live event can be digitized smoothly.

A sensible alternative is the implementation of hybrid events which supplement live events with digital elements. Those who cannot travel due to entry restrictions or renewed lockdown measures can at least participate virtually. A central full registration is essential to ensure that both parts of the event are seamlessly integrated.

The advantages of the two-pronged approach are obvious. For optimal results, the live and digital components need to be well coordinated. To achieve this, one must first determine which elements of the live event also make sense digitally – virtual trade fair stands, for instance, are more of a last resort than real added value.

Conferences make it easy for remote participants to participate in presentations: Speakers appear over a live link, virtual visitors ask questions via chat. Virtual components can also be added to other interviews with exhibitors, booth tours, online meetings and much more. In this way, organizers can satisfy the audience on-site and simultaneously open their event to a wider circle of interested parties.

The ADITUS Visitor Portal Straddles Both Worlds

The ADITUS Ticket Shop is ready to support hybrid event formats as well as fully digital events. For this purpose, it is possible to set up additional ID types and services.

ADITUS products can easily be connected to third-party services: Our systems are able to import participation codes from event platforms as well as export internally-generated participation codes for external use. Deeper integrations are implemented through our API, through which we can connect to various providers of digital event platforms.

Confirmation e-mails and digital tickets may contain links for participation in online events: A click leads directly to the virtual meeting. The Ticket Shop is also able to redirect visitors directly to a digital event after they have completed their ticket purchase.

Organizers who use the Visitor Portal for ticketing in all their event types benefit from this approach in several ways:

  • You can offer combo tickets for hybrid events.
  • Existing interfaces remain consistent, e.g. accounting, CRM, payment.
  • All data is stored in a central location.
  • Visitors have a central access point for all ticketing needs.
  • User accounts remain constant across events.
  • Established processes can continue to be used.

Do you have questions about the implementation of your digital or hybrid event? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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