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Only Travelling on Foot Is More Sustainable: Trial Phase of the Deutsche Bahn Event Discount

Deutsche Bahn (DB) is testing an alternative to the previous “DB-Veranstaltungsticket” (DB Event Ticket): the “DB-Veranstaltungsrabatt” (DB Event Discount) could enable visitors to trade shows and events to travel to and from the event at a reduced price using a DB promotional voucher. We have also integrated the new DB event discount into the Visitor Portal and Exhibitor Service Center (ESC) on a trial basis and are starting a first test together with AFAG at the “TI-Expo + Conference”.

What Will Be Tested?

Participants of the “TI-Expo + Conference” benefit from the trial phase of the DB Event Discount. They save 15% on their DB long-distance services from the very first kilometre on economy and flex fares and, in conjunction with the BahnCard, they can travel even more cheaply. Participants redeem their DB promotional voucher when purchasing their rail ticket on the DB website ( or in the DB app (DB Navigator).

By way of comparison, the previous DB-Veranstaltungsticket is available at a fixed price, which is often only worthwhile for long journeys.

How Do Participants Receive the New DB Discount?

AFAG receives the 1:1 codes for the “TI-Expo + Conference” as a CSV file securely by e-mail in order to integrate them into the system via ticket import. After purchasing an event ticket, event participants receive two codes (outbound and return journey) automatically and also by email. The e-mail address serves as a unique identifier, so that a maximum of two discount codes (outbound and return journey) are issued per event and e-mail address. Bookings can be made up to two days before or one day after the event.

We are delighted with Deutsche Bahn’s new approach, which now includes a larger number of trade show and event participants, enabling them to travel to and from the event more sustainably. We wish you a successful trial phase!

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