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New Customer: Messe Bremen (M3B GmbH) Invests in ADITUS Software and Hardware for Its Signature Events

By 29. November 2023May 6th, 2024Clients

Our latest customer acquisition, M3B GmbH (Messe Bremen) has chosen to integrate our unified software and hardware solutions into its event management framework. Building on the success of our products at the “Messe Trio”, Messe Bremen has committed to utilising our technology for all its future events.

Harmonious Solutions

Messe Bremen has acquired a comprehensive package: high-quality software and hardware from a single source. This investment enables Messe Bremen to organise and manage their events independently and to take the first impression of the trade show to the next level. The installation includes 20 turnstiles, 14 on-site cash registers and 15 wireless handheld scanners, collectively enhancing the efficiency of the admission processes.

Streamlined Processes through Integration

Noteworthy is the integration of this new hardware into Messe Bremen’s existing workflows. Moving forward, exhibitor data and orders will be automatically synchronised with the stand booking system from Momentus (formerly Ungerboeck). The seamless integration ensures the smooth flow of all processes – from administration to live monitoring and reporting.

Eight Signature Events on the Horizon

Empowered by our comprehensive double pack of software and hardware, Messe Bremen has outlined plans to organise eight of its own events. The inaugural trial of our technology occured at the “MesseTrio”, featuring the co-located shows “FISCH&FEINES”, “ReiseLust” and “CARAVAN Bremen” in early November. The debut, marked resounding success and technical flawlessness, sets the stage for the upcoming “fish international & Gastro Ivent”. Here, our super-fast badge printing system will also be used, enabling participants to scan their ticket at the entrance in under 3 seconds, take their personalised badge and seamlessly enter the event. The automation and professionalisation provided by the new products increase the added value for visitors, exhibitors, and organisers alike.

Are you intrigued by our software and hardware solutions? Contact us to find out more about our services. Together we can upgrade your event!

Messe Bremen

Messe Bremen

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