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New Payment Options for the Visitor Portal

ADITUS offers three new payment options for its visitor portal: PayPal Express, an enhanced integration of Apple Pay and Klarna Sofortüberweisung (direct bank transfer). The new options are part of the module Payment Solution 2.0.

PayPal Express Speeds Up Registration

ADITUS extends the existing PayPal connectivity with PayPal Express. Instead of selecting PayPal at checkout, customers click on the PayPal Express button on the first page and authenticate themselves to the Ticket Shop via PayPal. In the next step, the Visitor Portal adopts the PayPal customer data for the registration process. For organizers, this registration method has the advantage of higher data quality; customers are pleased with the simplified registration process.

Enhanced Apple Pay Integration

The enhanced Apple Pay Integration provides an enormous increase in convenience: Visitors identify themselves by fingerprint or facial recognition, removing the need for a PIN or password. By now, 33 German financial service providers support the standard. The ADITUS Visitor Portal supports Apple Pay on all macOS and iOS devices with Touch ID and Face ID. For users, the integration is completely transparent: the Ticket Shop will only show the payment option if it is supported by the device.

Instant Bank Transfers Without Additional Account

Klarna Sofortüberweisung (Instant Bank Transfer) is one of the five most popular online payment methods in Germany – and is now also a payment option in the Visitor Portal. For organizers, the very low transaction fees are of particular interest. Sofortüberweisung works without an additional login; the amount is debited directly from the buyer’s account. In addition, the Ticket Shop also supports payment on account via Klarna. In this case, all risks are assumed by the payment provider. Klarna is also fully integrated into the shop. The integration of further payment providers is currently in progress to meet the increased demand for digital and contactless payment systems.

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