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In the Fast Lane: ADITUS Concept Speeds up Admission despite Corona Requirements

ADITUS is the first European provider to introduce a comprehensive process to instantly validate digital German and EU vaccination certificates both during attendee registration and at the entrance. Within fractions of a second, the system checks both the validity of the proof and whether the certificate matches the participant.

With the modular concept developed by ADITUS, admission to live events can take place at the usual speed, even taking into account the necessity to provide COVID-related credentials. We call this concept “ADITUS G³ Fast Lane”.

Planning Security for Organizers

The German government has not yet formulated specific conditions for the resumption of trade fair operations. However, it is certain that the supply of vaccination, testing or recovery credentials will be an essential building block in any implementation.

As a result, organizers face the challenge of integrating the recording of the necessary certificates into trade show operations without interfering with on-site admissions.

Against this background, ADITUS has developed the G³ Fast Lane. It integrates the verification of digital credentials into both the online registration process and on-site admission.

In both cases, certificates are immediately verified online to directly activate the participant’s ticket.

How the ADITUS G³ Fast Lane Works

Participants have three options for using the G³ Fast Lane:

  1. upload of a digital certificate as part of the online registration process or a deferred upload (before the event)
  2. on-site scan of a digital certificate at the “Speedy” reader in the entrance area
  3. booking of an on-site rapid test as part of the registration process

Certification Types Supported by Fast Lane

G³ Fast Lane currently supports the following digital certification methods:

Certification type Certificate Details
Vaccination certificates German digital COVID-19 certificate CovPass, CWA, Luca app
EU Green Pass
Certificates of recovery German digital COVID-19 certificate CovPass, CWA, Luca app
EU Green Pass
Test certificates PCR test certificate 48h max. *
Antigen test certificate 24h max. *
verified self-service test VerSuS **

* max. 48/24h before start of event
** VerSus: Verified self-test under supervision, e.g. via Kry.

Additional certification types are being implemented (CommonPass, IATA Travel Pass, VCI, etc.).

Certificate Verification Procedure

The system immediately checks the validity of the certificate and whether the identity contained in the certificate matches the participant’s data, both in the ticket store and on site.

  1. Participants whose certificates have been verified during the registration process will receive an activated ticket that will allow them immediate access to the event.
  2. Participants who have chosen to present their certificate on-site will consecutively scan their ticket and digital certificate using the “Speedy” ticket scanner in the admission area to be granted immediate access to the event area. (The documents can be presented in any order).
  3. For participants who have booked an on-site quick test, the test is automatically linked to the ticket. A negative test result immediately activates the ticket.

Holders of analog certificates (e.g. immunization passport, vaccination card) must present them on site. The staff checks the validity and activates the tickets, e.g., using a wireless handheld scanner.

Behind the Scenes

ADITUS G³ Fast Lane is the result of months-long efforts to provide event organizers with a solution to make trade show entry both safe and convenient during this difficult phase.

Early on, our developers laid the foundations for integrating digital certificates into the registration process. As soon as a standard had reached a sufficient level of stability, the associated interfaces were incorporated into our products.

As a result, ADITUS is now the first ticketing service provider able to demonstrate a full implementation for the integration of digital certificates into live event operations.

In the coming weeks and months, the G³ Fast Lane implementation will be continuously refined, expanded to include additional certificate types and adapted to changing conditions. In this way, we ensure that our customers are always up to date.

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