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Success Stories

Organising Events Safely
Through Controls and Accreditations

The Global Media Congress in Abu Dhabi took place from 14 to 16 November 2023 at the venue of the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (ADNEC). This was ADITUS’ first event in the ADNEC facility. Together with the organiser, we met the specific event requirements and achieved fantastic figures: With a 76.5% increase in visitors over the previous year, about 24,000 people passed through the exhibition areas in 2023. They were welcomed by over 250 exhibiting brands – a 33% increase from 2022. The event was an outstanding success, and we helped write its history.

What the Customer Says

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with your team. Your dedication to customer service, seamless operations, and highly-flexible registration were instrumental in creating a positive experience for our visitors and added exhibitor value.”

Riti Bahel, Customer Experience Manager
Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company

  • Integration of security checks (people and baggage) into the admission process
  • Simplification and automation of legitimisation and delivery of press tickets
  • Studio booking option at the main sponsor’s booth
  • ADITUS’ admission control integrated with security scanners and a people guidance system
  • Automated ticket dispatch for the accreditation process
  • Studio-specific meeting booking tool
Venue: ADNEC


Challenges of the
Global Media Congress

To fulfil its security concept, ADNEC required to incorporate its security scanners into the ADITUS admission process: after ADITUS’ admission control and badge printing, ADNEC’s security scanners were to scan individuals and items. The challenge: Despite the combination of admission and security checks, the admission flow should not be disturbed. There were no queues to form.

The Global Media Congress faced the challenge of having so many media representatives among its attendees. Before press accreditation was granted, it was necessary to determine whether they were attending the Global Media Congress as trade visitors, exhibitors, or press representatives. Following successful accreditation and approval, a press ticket was sent automatically.

An additional requirement was requested by the main sponsor: a meeting booking tool for his booth. A tool that allowed accredited press representatives to independently book 30-minute time slots in the studio at their trade fair booth for their press work.


Our Solutions for Global Media Congress

Access and Security Check

To meet ADNEC’s rigorous security standards, we integrated our tried-and-true admission controls with ADNEC’s security scanners for scanning people and luggage. Participants benefited from our fast access upon arrival at the exhibition centre, which included ticket scanning and badge printing on demand in under 3 seconds. After passing through our admission controls, the participants found themselves in a closed area – between the ADITUS admission controls they had already passed through and the upcoming ADNEC security check. There were no queues at the security scanners or waiting time on the show grounds thanks to the skilful direction of people through a people navigation system. In this way, we provided a positive user experience despite the stringent security criteria.

More care had to be taken to guarantee that press tickets were only given to individuals who attended the Global Media Congress in their role as press representatives. To do this, the press ticket application on the registration page now includes a legitimization process. To this end, a legitimisation process was added to the press ticket application on the registration page. The organiser chose whether to issue the press passes and delivered them digitally and automatically via the system after receiving and verifying the press ID.

Streamlined Accreditation
Integrated Booking Tool

To fulfil the main sponsor’s request, we transformed a separate registration portal into a booking portal. Through this platform, accredited press representatives could independently reserve a studio time slot at the primary sponsor’s booth. The login credentials used for registration were also utilised to access the booking platform. This made sure that the booking portal was only accessible to authorised press representatives.

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