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XXL Trade Show Meets Fast-Track Admission with Badge Printing

AGRITECHNICA 2023 was an impressive success, drawing over 470,000 registered participants to the grounds of Deutsche Messe AG in Hanover from 12 to 18 November. The organiser of the world‘s leading trade show for agricultural engineering and technology is the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG). It showcased cutting-edge technology and innovations from approximately 2,800 exhibitors across an exhibition area spanning nearly 400,000 m².

What the Customer Says

“As the world‘s leading trade show for agricultural engineering and technology, AGRITECHNICA is observed by the whole world. There is no room for error in the registration and admission process. That‘s why, even after almost 20 years, we continue to invest in a reliable partnership with ADITUS. “

Sandra Pereira Heckwolf, Head of Visitor and Database Management, DLG Service GmbH

  • Fast admission with badge printing for 82,500 participants
    on the busiest show day – Peak load: 5,800 personalised badges/15 min
  • Extensive system requirements due to registration, admission, clearing and system requests
  • Multi-category tickets, including side events and evening events
  • Intuitive access control with on-demand automated badge printing and high throughput per hour
  • Reliable systems maintained through substantial dimensioning and scalability as well as ongoing monitoring
  • Comprehensive ticket model providing a range of booking options within the visitor portal


Challenges of the AGRITECHNICA

AGRITECHNICA required robust hardware in the form of fast and reliable admission controls to ensure smooth admission with badge printing for 470,000 participants. The systems were mandated to manage a peak load of 5,800 people per 15 minutes without interruption. The same requirement applied to the software, which was tasked with clearing, system requests, and managing a high registration load. DLG needed a wide range of different tickets and a straightforward ticket purchase and registration process to offer all AGRITECHNICA participants the best possible service.


Our Solutions for AGRITECHNICA

To ensure fast and smooth admission, AGRITECHNICA opted for 182 admission controls and on-site systems, complemented by laptops for clearing and support.

Attendees experienced the fastest access to the exhibition centre through our SBGs. These systems enabled automated and contactless entry including badge printing – one stop in under 3 seconds. A total of 740,000 badges were printed over the entire duration of the trade show. AGRITECHNICA enhanced their service by employing Mobile Supervisors. Service staff used the devices to perform clearing tasks and addressed ticket-related questions. Additional service personnel were stationed at the on-site cash registers. AGRITECHNICA ensured a reliable service thanks to the mix of different admission controls and on-site systems.

A reliable and redundantly secured infrastructure and system environment were indispensable to cope with the heightened system utilisation resulting from ticket purchases, registrations, and the administration of 470,000 visitors and around 2,800 exhibitors. Network connections, power supply, air conditioning, and fire protection for the servers were redundantly secured, and continuously monitored extended down to the application level. Thanks to dimensioning and scalability, the registration peaks were effortlessly mastered.

DLG considered the specific interests and requirements of participants during ticket purchases and registration. DLG members were granted automatic access to the exhibition centre by scanning their membership card at the admission control. The data stored on the membership card was transferred for printing the personal badge, saving over 30,000 DLG members from the need to register separately. Other AGRITECHNICA participants also benefited from a wide range of options available to them in the visitor portal: They could select 1-day or full-event tickets, various side events, and evening events. The visitor portal also provided choises of free children‘s tickets, ticket insurance, and CO2 compensation. The offering was complemented by a variety of discounts, marketing campaigns and promo codes, which could be offered by both the organiser and the exhibitors. To maintain an overview given the size of the trade show and the multitude of options, participants were able to synchronise their data with the AGRITECHNICA app and thus had all the information at their fingertips.

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