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Best Practices for Successful Event Marketing

Two million square meters of event space, 15 stages, 2,500 square meters of marketplaces, and 50,000 participants: On September 13 and 14, 2022, DIGITAL X turned Cologne into a world full of digitization exhibits, innovations, and technology experiences. Together with more than 300 partners, over 200 brand houses, and around 60 start-ups, Europe’s leading digitization initiative presented trends and technical innovations relating to digitization – from 5G, IoT, and autonomous driving to metaverse and robotics. Visitors experienced the megatrends around mobility, security, the New Work, urbanization, and sustainability on dedicated routes through Cologne.

What the Customer Says

“Thousands of participants have taken over the marketing for DIGITAL X 2022 and motivated their network to join them. An impressive engagement: hundreds of thousands of impressions and a 150% growth in participants compared to 2021! We are excited about next year’s performance.”

Alexander Hachmeyer, Head of Positioning & Top Projects
Telekom Deutschland GmbH


ADITUS Social Cards

At DIGITAL X 2022, visitors organically took marketing for the event into their own hands. In the ticket shop, they were able to share an ADITUS Social Card via their preferred social media platform at the end of registration to show that they were attending the event. To do this, the ADITUS Visitor Portal provided a personalized graphic in the look of the event that dynamically incorporated existing profile photos. The ADITUS Social Cards are less expensive and more effective than running ad campaigns, such as banners and InMail, with comparable reach on LinkedIn, as well as other media.

LinkedIn Events

Deutsche Telekom has opted for LinkedIn Events, which make it easy to add a digital community to on-site events. Participants can use this to exchange information directly on the B2B platform, share their participation and send invitations. This increases the organic reach of the event all by itself. Via the ADITUS Visitor Portal visitors could confirm their participation in the event with just a few clicks when purchasing their tickets.

Activation of Important Stakeholder

Together with coupon codes and direct registrations, partners and exhibitors invited their guests to DIGITAL X via the ADITUS Exhibitor Service Center (ESC). As a result, partners and exhibitors were actively involved in marketing the event, increased its reach, and became key drivers of the event’s success.

Automated Email Campaigns

In the run-up to DIGITAL X 2022, automated mailing campaigns were used to motivate Deutsche Telekom sales staff to send out customized invitations online. Directly with the registration confirmation, visitors also received a calendar entry to block the date of the event. In addition, automated reminder, teasers, and on-site emails were sent. Furthermore, post-event emails were sent to all visitors on site after the exhibition in order to reach them again days after the event, to stay in their minds, and to refer to future events.


Deutsche Telekom’s digital measures did not stop during the event: together with the DIGITAL X app, users were able to find out about the individual speakers on-site, view the respective times of the events, or even network with each other – completely sustainably via the app. Thanks to an interface with the ADITUS Visitor Portal, personal data and the QR codes of the tickets could be easily transferred to the app.

The Key Performance Indicators at a Glance

Social Sharing at the DIGITAL X 2022

The numbers of active users clearly show the social networks’ relevance for successful event marketing. Through active sharing supported by ADITUS Social Cards, a high organic reach was achieved. As a result, many conversions had a positive effect on participation numbers.

The Key Performance Indicators at a Glance

Activities per Social Media Platform

If we take a closer look at social networks, it becomes clear that there are major differences in the use of individual platforms. In the context of this major event, the professional network LinkedIn was used most.


The Organic Reach Booster

More than 20,000 DIGITAL X participants in 2021 became over 50,000 in 2022 thanks to the active use of event marketing measures supported by solutions from ADITUS.

Deutsche Telekom is not only setting new standards in terms of digitalization: the results show the success of the active use of event marketing measures, supported by ADITUS systems. Each shared ADITUS Social Card resulted in 2 new visits to the ticket shop. The most used channel for sharing participation in DIGITAL X 2022 is the professional network LinkedIn.

Personalized ADITUS Social Cards turn your visitors into influencers. At a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising campaigns, you can achieve positive attention in the networks of your participants. Use ADITUS Social Cards for your next event, just like Deutsche Telekom.

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